Laying down the rules

So i’m up and running… my workblog is live and I have my first comment – thanks Hector!

I’ve been thinking about setting up this workblog for a while; I started thinking about it more seriously after the JISC Services Skills Day in Oxford in September, where I was finally convinced of the professional merit of blogging.

I’ve been mulling over the possibilities since and have planned the types of posts i’d like to write and considered my reasons for doing so. Partly it’s experimental, partly it’s to record my thoughts, and partly it’s to amplify my work at Netskills. I know that my personality thrives on interaction and collaboration and that my most lucid thoughts are in response to the insights of others, and if my workblog can provide the platform for joint endeavour (in a very CoP kind of way!) then great.

However, in order to take the plunge and get my workblog started, i’ve decided upon a couple of groundrules. Please berate me if I break them!

  • In the first instance, this workblog is a 30-day trial. I’ve read a number of articles on over the last six months and one tip I particularly like is that anyone can do anything for 30 days. This is enough time for practice to become habit, be it walking to work twice a week, learning 5 new words every day or writing a workblog. After such a period one ought to be able to make a sound judgement of the effectiveness of the adopted task. So, 30 days is my initial commitment to this workblog, during which i’ll post at least twice a week. At the end i’ll publish my reflections. Could that pre-Xmas posting be my last?
  • No messing with style. Anyone who’s suffered my on our Writing for the Web workshop (including 7 of you in Dublin today!) will know that i’m passionate about web copy. Text, text, text is the most important content on any webpage. So, all my energies are going into the actual writing of this blog … at least during my 30-day trial period. I have, of course, already messed around with the various templates available, and i’m dying to work out how to access the CSS files… but for now, it’s staying visually simple!