So, i’m a blogger now … Why?!

Hello all … well, only me actually right now! 😉

Before I dive headfirst into the world of blogging, here’s my reasoning for setting up a workblog.

I definitely have concerns… concerns shared by lots of new bloggers i’m sure. Am I diligent enough to keep up a blog? Will anyone read it? Do I have anything interesting to write?

But how will I know unless I try! I read a number of blogs and am interested in the opinion of others – it’s often far easier to make a judgement about something by either agreeing or disagreeing with a stance or opinion. It’s difficult to make a judgement in response to factually presented information, whether it’s printed or online, textual or spoken. To me, the added value of blogs is the access to other people’s opinion and one’s emotive response to such opinion. However, of course, opinion on its own is useles – it has to be well formed, credible, valued and respected … but definitely doesn’t have to be agreed with.

Is anyone interested in my opinion? Hmmmm, well, I hope so … I am a trainer after all and over the last two and a half years i’ve delivered workshops and sessions for around 1000 people. Blimey!

But I don’t intend to use my workblog as a personal soapbox … I intend it to be reflective, and to supplement and support my work at Netskills. I’m aware that we generally only have a transient relationship with our workshop attendees, but often wonder how people get on after they’ve attended one of our workshops. Also, our workshops are constantly evolving as the web develops, new technologies emerge and modified working and learning practices are adopted. I hope to keep people who’ve attended my workshops “in the know” via my workblog – please let me know if you find my postings useful!

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